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New Intakes

Here's a prime example of what can happen when kittens (or cats or dogs) are just given for free to anyone who will take them. We received a call from a distraught woman who, according to her, "adopted" these two kittens from a rescue. She said they have had bloody diarrhea for three weeks and were treated with over-the-counter "meds." (big no no) They've not been spayed or neutered, despite her being told they were. I advised her that they needed to be seen by a vet immediately and explained what could happen if not properly treated. She couldn't afford to do that. She didn't want to bring them back where she got them because, she "didn't think they'd get treatment or be safe." The Little Cats' rescue has them; they are doing well. One of our volunteers, Georgia, and I named them "Manny" and "Meara." They are so sweet, playful and well-behaved. They will get their surgeries at HSTB soon, so get your adoption application in! They are a BONDED PAIR, so don't even ask to split them up!

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