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About Us

The Little Cats' Rescue is a no-kill sanctuary for our rescued cats, many of whom are senior and/or special needs. Located in New Port Richey, Florida, The Little Cats' Rescue was approved in 2003 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our cats live freely in the Sanctuary, as health and temperament allow. 

Woman holding a cat up in the air.

RaeAnna V Saks-President, Director

Jodi Chemes-Treasurer, Director

Alyssa Ramirez- Vice President, Director

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I've been rescuing cats here and there since the mid-70's.  I was volunteering at Big Cat Rescue when it was known as Wildlife on Easy Street from 2000-2003.  I took it upon myself to care for the domestic cats wandering the property.  While I loved working with tigers and lions etc., I felt that the little cats spoke to my heart that they needed me more.  I didn't choose the name, The Little Cats' Rescue, because of Big Cat Rescue (they were called Wildlife on Easy Street then), I chose it because I wanted something that expressed how we go above and beyond for the cats - TLC (Tender Loving Care) evolved into The Little Cats' Rescue.  Also known as The Little Cats' Rescue and Sanctuary. 

No connection to "Little Cat Rescue" in Zephyrhills - who started a few years ago.

The Three Musketeers

This is so hard. The Three Musketeers are together again. They are having a party at the Rainbow Bridge, but I'm not invited. Mufasa came to us at the approximate age of five over ten years ago. He's struggled with so many physical issues over the years. His body had enough, and we helped him join his best friends, TyTy and Texas.

We lost Texas suddenly several months ago. His story is totally amazing. Twenty-two pound Texas was healthy as can be for the 16 years he lived at the Sanctuary, having come to us at the age of three. One day, I found him inside a cubby - he had quietly and suddenly passed. We were more like the Four Musketeers, and one day we will be together again.

One can only hope.

A dog and a cat laying on chair.
Black and white cat sitting in the grass

Our Miracles

Here are a few of our miracle kittens that were bottle fed and nursed back to health from horrific messes.

Hold and slide the arrows left and right to see the before and after images of our miracles.

Zacheriah II (Top Left), Eliza (Top Right), Sanjay and his sister Asha (Bottom Right), and Milagro & Leon (Bottom Left).

In Loving Memory

Ty Ty

As a puppy, TyTy and his littermates (two months old) were being herded across a major road by his mom, who we later discovered had been used as a breeder.  My sister happened to be driving by and spotted them.  She pulled over and she and her rider gathered them all up.  The mom dog, "Mamma" was emaciated, dehydrated and very grateful.  TyTy was taken home by her rider.  My sister kept the mom; my brother kept one puppy.  When TyTy (then named Tyson) was seven months old, I received a call that if I didn't come to get him, he was going to kill him "with his bare hands."  Needless to say, I rushed over and took him home, changing his name to TyTy.  Living at the Sanctuary with over 50 cats, people thought I was crazy.  TyTy and I slept together on the screened porch Jan/Feb/Mar getting him acclimated to the cats.  He turned out to be their best friend - always protecting them, playing with them and grooming them.  TyTy, the love of my life, was my reason.  You did a good job, Ty.

In late 2022, X-rays revealed a tumor on TyTy's spleen and several in his lungs. One lung was completely obstructed. His gastrointestinal system was harmed from all the coughing he had been doing. Ty was bleeding internally, and at the end on our walk behind the vet's office, blood poured from his nose and mouth. He still tried to be brave for me. He wanted to walk, so we did. But then he was ready. I was going to bring him home and have Lap of Love come, but in reality - the best place for him to leave me was HIS car. Dr. Pierce and vet tech Amy were kind enough to come to the car to administer the sedative and the euthanasia dose. Ty departed quickly and peacefully.


Here are just a "few" pictures of our moments together over the past 10-1/2 years. There are so many more pics...but for now, these will do. Thank you for indulging me.


Thank you all for your words of encouragement and love and for your financial generosity. Dr. Pierce said to me, "You are looking at $10-20K in diagnostics, which aren't going to change a thing. If I thought it would, I'D pay for them."


I don't know what else to say. I am devastated. Ty and I were joined at the hip for all these years. We were supposed to leave the planet together - we made a pact. But his body just couldn't wait any longer. As I would sing to Ty: "Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I really care?"

A woman posing with a dog in front of a heart shaped wall.

TyTy was cremated at Fosters, and his ashes returned to me. I'm having them make me a necklace with some of his ashes. I will show you when it's here.


I want to express my deepest appreciation to Dr. Robert Pierce at VCA Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital in Shady Hills, and to Amy, vet tech. You both made this impossible situation bearable. TyTy left us in his favorite place on Earth - HIS CAR! Truly, words can't express my gratitude to you.

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