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New Intake 9/11/2023

The trap belongs to The Little Cats' Rescue. It was sitting on the side of the Sanctuary. The cat did NOT belong to us. Well, now s/he does. I came home from errands to find the cat sitting in our trap in front of our Sanctuary. S/he has a very badly tipped ear - a real botch job. S/he is also microchipped. Sadly, the microchip was never registered. Sadder still, ya know who implanted the chip? Pasco County Animal Services. This is a very sweet cat. Know what I was told when I called them? "If we come and get him, we'll just let him go in the wild somewhere." I said that was ridiculous, as he is friendly and they have no idea from where he came. The response: "Well, that's what we do." So, our plan is to get him tested for the usual, dewormed, vaccinated and let into the population while we attempt to find a suitable home for him. I wasn't going to put a donation request on this post, but when I hit Save, FB asked if I wanted to - so I did. Our funds have been depleted due to many vet bills and repairs to out A/C.- we are really running low. This cat (We named him Sylvester.) needs a vet visit, SNAP test and Rabies vaccines. We have FVRCP, flea protection and dewormer. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated. We have eight more spay/neuters upcoming shortly. We have cats that need dentals. There's always a need, it seems. Thank you for caring. Oh - anyone interested in foster for us?

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