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Update on Tammy (11/10/2023)

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

And the good news is: xrays show no crystals. No temp, in good shape other than a big time URI, likely stress-induced. Convenia and calming collar. We finally got to meet the infamous (notorious)

Dr. Campos, as it's Dr. Pierce's day off. We met their new tech, Zack. I'm impressed. (Sshhh.. she got to keep her burrito blankie. Doesn't Tammy make the loveliest buritto!) Tammy needs a forever indoor home with no cats and maybe a larger dog. She needs this home soon, so her stress is alleviated. I'm considering moving her into my "office" which is basically Sunny's room too and was supposed to be no cats - but Daisy and her littles have been in here since August. Will do whatever is least stressful for her until her forever human shows up. Tammy is a really sweet girl, who deserves her very own home. Please share!

Original Post:

Here we go again. Remember when we rescued Tammy from being returned immediately after her TNVR surgery back in June? We had originally received the call from a feeder, who realized one of the cats she was feeding was newly pregnant. (please, please, please - if you are feeding cats GET THEM FIXED!!!) I knew that there was an open spay spot with a TNVR group that day - so I had the finder take her to meet them for surgery. However, they were going to release her immediately after, but something told me, NO, don't do it. It turned out that she had severely infected, inverted nipples and a horrendous UTI, which the vets who spayed her didn't notice. She wouldn't have made it had she been released. Not only is this girl not feral, she is terrified of other cats - even little kittens! Tammy loves people and SunnyRay Doggo. We kept her separate from other cats, and when she was recovered from

her issues we thought - Ah! Clear sailing for you, sweet girl. Now, let's get you adopted. Just when we thought we had a good home for Tammy, a "monkey wrench" has been thrown at her. We're off to the vet again with her, as she is straining at the litterbox. I certainly hope this is a simple UTI, but it could be worse and she may need surgery - the funds for which we simply do not have. It's going to be a stretch just for this visit as x-rays will probably be needed. We'll keep you updated when Dr. Campos has examined her. As often as I've made the trip to VCA San Francis, my car can actually drive there all by itself.

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