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Your help is needed and greatly appreciated!

Please like, comment and share! Thank you! Please consider a donation of any amount to help defray the costs involved in caring for 18 kittens and their moms. Our coffers are frighteningly low.

This is the kitten room. The kittens get to come out of their condos and romp around the room for several hours twice a day. They know that nap time and nite time means back to your beds. Not only is the freedom good exercise, it helps them to socialize with other litters. Each condo contains a little family of kittens. Each condo is made up of two extra large dog crates bungeed together in an L shape to give them lots of run around room. Each condo has running water. Yes, they have water fountains! We have four different litters and one mom (Minx) in this room right now. Lady Diana has to be away from her kittens, as she's being treated for a stubborn case of coccidia, and because she and Minx want to kill each other. I did have Minx separated from her littles for two days, but she was so forlorn that she broke my heart. This evening I let her litter out of their condo after their nap. Their reunion was heartwarming. They were so happy to see mommy, and she greeted and groomed each of her eight little

babies. When it was time to go to bed, her kittens were returned to their condo, and Minx remained in the room. Despite having three comfy beds, she chose to lay on the table right next to their condo. I really hope she gets adopted with at least two of her babies. They are so devoted to each other. (Unless you want to take the whole family!) This is just one room out of eight rooms that I deal with every day, twice a day. and often in between. Tending to and providing for one litter is a daunting task. Imagine caring for four litters (18 total rambunctious kids), their moms and all the rest of the crew here! Minx, her kittens, and the rest of the kittens in the room are all up for adoption, except for the little Siamese, Simone. She's just about about 5 weeks old. Everybody else is good and ready to go. Obtain your adoption application at Please like, comment and share.

If you care to donate something towards their care, we have (at PayPal Venmo and Zelle. It costs a lot to meet their needs, and adoption fees don't even come close to covering our costs. So thank you so much for considering contributing to these beautiful babies' well-being.

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