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Urgent Needs (4/30/2024)

Updated as of 5/6/2024

My little Byrdie went to meet his sister in the early hours of the day. His struggle is over. My heart is filled with sorrow and love. They never even got to open their eyes. Ruhani and Byrdie, as tiny as they were, touched hearts in such a big way.

Byrdie, sweet Ruhani's brother, is one week old today and is struggling to survive. He finally made it past 3 oz. at 3.17, which is what he should've weighed at birth. His tiny limbs are starting to grow fur ... a good sign. Premature kittens typically have no fur on their legs. Byrdie has the loudest purr for such a tiny boi. He loves to be held while wrapped in the warmth of his heated blanket. Feeding him is quite a challenge. He fights the syringe except for occasional burts of drinking with gusto. I remain cautiously optimistic, as this is the path Ruhani took before she suddenly dropped from 3.17 oz. to 2.21 oz. just before she passed. He got his name because he reminds me of a baby bird the way he opens his mouth and cries out as he accepts the warm formula, just like a little bird accepting food from his mom. All I can do is continue to be diligent with feeding, burping and stimulating him to potty as I show him love. The rest is up to him and the Universe's plan for this tiny angel.

Updated as of 5/5/2024

Sadly, this brave but fragile little girl, Ruhani, didn't make it. She passed in the wee hours of the morning. Born premature to a novice mom, she was rejected and urinated on by her mother. Despite my best efforts, she didn't really stand a chance. I'd been working diligently around the clock syringe feeding, cuddling, keeping her clean and warm. On the one-week anniversary of her birth into this cold, cruel world, Ruhani left her frail body. I'm so sad. Dear, sweet Ruhani - rest in peace.

Now, I will continue trying to save her little brother, Byrdie. We have an appointment to get their mom "Pickles" spayed next week. Pickles was suffering from a severe uterine infection (perhaps causing her behavior toward her babies), diagnosed by the Animal Emergency of Pasco ($792). If you would like to chip in toward recouping the costs involved, please visit, where you will find Zelle, Venmo and PayPal links.

Please for the love of everything you hold dear, SPAY and NEUTER your pets. If you are feeding them GET THEM FIXED. I'm so tired of the calls from feeders surprised that the cats they feed are turning up pregnant. When I suggest that they should get them fixed, I'm told "but it's not MY cat." Babies should not be having babies. They have no choice - YOU DO.

Updated as of 4/30/2024

This is one lucky little family! Born to a very young (and sweet), gorgeous mom under a neighbor's car, the kittens now have a shot at living, and mom won't get raped again by those Tomcats. I removed her from kittens as she clearly doesn't know what they are I found their blanket soaked in urine, which had to be from mom. So sad.

Her ER bill was $792, which was an unexpected cost to our already financially challenged funds. Their expenses will continue to rise, and we are counting on some donations to cover it as well as the other 14 spay costs. As always, we are so grateful to our "village" for helping us make it possible.

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