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URGENT NEED-Daisy and her 4 kittens

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Why are we angry? Because some people are very evil and they cause so much suffering. We received a call yesterday from a very nice gentleman, saying he found a taped-up box left by the retention pond in his development in Wesley Chapel. (Can you say alligator food?) Inside the box was this beautiful, sweet, gentle girl and her four brand new kittens. Their daughter named the mom Daisy, who is no more than six months old. The kittens are only a few days old. Daisy looks perplexed - like she's not quite sure what those little things that came out of her are. Don't worry, Daisy - those are your babies - the only babies you will ever have. You and they are safe now. Don't worry, we gotcha!

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