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Tammy and Gordito adopted-updated as of 1/28/2024

Updated: Feb 6

Tammy and Gordito are getting more comfortable, and it's only been two days! Tammy arrived here instead of being TNVRd - she was NOT feral and had a horrific UTI and inverted and infected nipples. So glad we intervened. She's a sweetie. Gordi was my bottle baby over three years ago, when his mom (Holly - still here!) rejected her babies. He was adopted with his then girlfriend, Madison, and returned a few months ago via airplane from Texas because his "forever" human was moving out of the country. Upon arrival, Gordito and Madison were very aggressive to each other (having been stuck in ONE carrier for the entire plane ride). When they calmed down and were moved into my office, where dear sweet Tammy was living (because she's afraid of cats) - Gordi and Madi showed no interest in each other, but Gordi and Tammy fell in love! We're very happy that Heather and Scott are giving them a wonderful home.

Original post:

Tammy is waiting for her forever family. She's a gentle, quiet and friendly girl, who'd be best as an only pet in a quiet home. She's had a lot of trauma in her short life. Tammy is about ten months old. Please share.

Herstory: a stray being fed not fixed, got pregnant probably first heat. Was to be TNVR'd but I didnt think she should go back out. Good thing cause she had a raging UTI peeing blood and infected, inverted nipples. She's all better now physically and is learning to relax.

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