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New Intake-MeeMinx (3/2024)

Sweetest cat ever. Always has her arms around her babies. Yet, she rolls on her back for belly rubs, and lets me handle her babies. She is a very proud momma!

(Update 4/3/2024)

MeeMinx with her seven littles. They're all thriving!

(Update 4/2/2024)

Now that I have the baby mommas' dens cleaned and them fed (again) - I'm headed over to ground zero to continue trap training the baby daddy (actually there are now three cats coming around). Sunday, they will be trapped and Monday taken to HSTB for TNVR and returned to their lovely neighborhood. At this point, IDI who's a boy and who's a girl and who's fixed and who's not. Although I'm pretty sure the black one is MeeMinx's baby daddy. She has two that look just like she and five black ones. They weren't fooling around. Or were they. Well, in any case, no more fooling around for them!

Donations gratefully accepted at for their care and future surgeries.

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