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New Intake-Lady Diana (3/30/2024)

(Update as of 4/13/2024)

Lady Diana, a protective young mother, is challenging to tend to as she fiercely guards her five little kittens, occasionally resorting to biting. She doesn't bite hard, but she does draw blood. We will work it out though, won't we, Lady Diana?!

Minx, on the other hand, welcomes me into her den, rolling on her back for belly rubs. She's handles her seven littles with ease.

How cute am I? My mommy is Lady Diana. Me and my four sibs were born on the cold, hard cement on March 28th. A nice lady named Diana made us a comfy and safe nest while she looked for someone to rescue us. We really lucked out. So many babies and their young moms are in danger and struggling to survive. Our mom's person moved and left her here, unspayed, so here WE are. Yes we are adorable, but there aren't enough homes for the thousands of kittens born. Please, get your pets fixed. Yes, even those you are feeding but "aren't yours." If you feed them, it's YOUR responsibility to get them Spayed or Neutered! Momma RaeAnna has another newborn family of eight she's caring for. They were born two days before us. We are so happy she said "Yes!" to us. It will cost her at least $1,200 to get us all ready for adoption when we are old enough to get "fixed." We'd all appreciate it if you can chip in.

(Update as of 4/11/2024)

Being a little kitten is such hard work! All that nursing and sleeping! This little family is very lucky. The mom was abandoned, un-spayed, and turned up at a neighbor's house very pregnant. She birthed five kittens on March 28th; the family will be available for adoption early June. Get your pre-adoption applications in! Obtain one at


Lady Diana, who gave birth to five kittens on the cold hard concrete while several women stood by ooo-ing and ah-ing. I have the heart breaking video. Someone should've at least put a blanket down for her. We named her after her finder, who kept a close watch over them while we arranged their rescue. She's just a baby herself. Maybe 6-7 months old. She's safe now and a proud and grateful mom.

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