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Gladys: 2/29/2009 - 11/29/2023

If you look in the dictionary for the sweetest, most gentle and loving cat of all time - this is who you will see. Gladys adored kittens, and while she never had any of her own, she was "cat mom" to dozens here at the Sanctuary.

Gladys came to us with her brother, Andy, at only eight weeks old. They were found abandoned in an empty house. A failed adoption, which was not their fault, showed me that she and Andy belonged right here. Gladys struggled with some health issues and, in the end, she became blind. Yesterday, while in my arms, under the loving care of Dr. Pierce, Alyssa and Angi. As always, VCA San Francis accommodates our every need. I noticed that the area around Gladys' eye was very swollen. Dr. Pierce said to bring her right away. By the time we got there, the tumor had burst. I'm so grateful that her suffering was brief, that she left the planet hearing my voice and feeling my hands on her. TyTy came to welcome her to the Spirit realm. Gladys is reunited with her brother, Andy, and all of her friends who went before her. She had a good, long and happy life. You may think I'm crazy, but I felt her on my shoulder on my lonely ride home, and the dream catcher, which also has some of TyTy's ashes in a charm, was bouncing all around. I know she was pawing at it. I'll catch up with you, Gladdy.

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