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Urgent! New Intake.

We received a call last night from a distraught woman who came home to this kitten on her porch several days ago. This picture doesn't even begin to show how bad her eye is. She's about five-six weeks old and very sweet. The woman was here from Ohio to bury her sister and is returning to Ohio on Monday. A few days ago, she took this kitten to a local vet, who prescribed some antibiotics (Clindamycin) and dewormed her. S/he gave no instructions on caring for the eye. (she refuses to give me the name of the vet so I can obtain his records for MY vet). However, her belly is still very extended, and the woman was frantic not knowing how to care for her. I told her to bring the kitten by in the morning, and I would give her some dewormer and have a look at the eye. (I've seen a lot of really bad eyes, but I wasn't prepared for this. It's like Eliza all over again but only one eye is affected.) Her eye was full of pus (the vet didn't tell her how to clean the eye or anything) and when I gently touched her eyelid with a moist cotton ball, blood came pouring out. The woman had taken this kitten to several other "rescues" and was told that they would euthanize her. (Yeah, that's what I was told to do with Eliza and Zacheriah. Look at them now! Happy and healthy and very much loved.) This woman, named Tina, refused to hand over this precious little girl only to have her killed. I have a call into HSTB clinic to see if I can bring her in the morning. Dr. Pierce is gone till Monday, and I refuse to give any more money for nothing to a local animal e.r. I think I will give this precious little girl the name Tina, in honor of the woman who saved her life.

UPDATE: Am able to get her in at San Francis to see Dr. Lowe. Tanya was very compassionate and gave me an emergency appointment at 9:00.

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