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*Update on Daisy & Sage* (4/20/2024)

Updated: Apr 22

(Update as of 4/20/2024)

This is why I do what I do. I'm in tears of joy for Daisy and Sage. They've been thru so much together. To see them like this makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who donated for their care.

(Update as of 4/18/2024)

Daisy and her warrior miracle, Sage.

(Update as of 2/11/2024)

You see, Sage, I told you that every little thing's gonna be alright!

Daisy is pretending to be aloof, but she's very happy to be going to her together forever home with her boi, Sage. Melissa and Joo will give them the great home they so deserve.

(Update as of 11/22/2023)

These pictures make my heart sing. Julia is an amazing foster mom (I'm hoping she's a foster fail!) Sage will be neutered on December 6th, and they will be ready for their together forever home. That's right, TOGETHER and FOREVER. If you'd like to meet them, please submit an adoption application! They are in Gulfport, FL with their foster moms, Julia and Jeanne.

(Update as of 11/19/2023)

Sleeping sweetly on their way to their next great adventure - a foster home!

The continuing saga of Daisy and her little boi, Sage. This transfer to a foster home was really hard for me. I've grown so attached to these two, having cared for them 'round the clock for months, and my usual "overprotective Jewish mom" mode is in full gear. I just love them SO much.

Julia is a very experienced foster mom, and a sweet and humble woman, and I trust her implicitly. Especially since Capt. Jack Doggo SunnyRay gave her two paws up. Here they are on their way to and in their foster home. It only makes sense that when a lovely, loving woman (Julia) and her wife (Jeanne) offered to foster for us, we immediately thought of Daisy and Sage. They couldn't be allowed out of their "luxury condo" here because of his small size, her absolute fear of other cats and uncertainty about a dog, and the bullies that live here. While they really liked their condo, it's not normal for them to live closed up like that. Julia set up a crate for them, complete with their tunnel and hammock, so they would feel at home. Tomorrow she will give them free roam of the lovely room set aside just for them. The ultimate goal is for them to have a FOREVER home, and this transition to a foster home is a step in that direction. Julia even took their hammock with them, since they love it so much! She will leave the hammock set up and keep the crate door open for them to go in and out at will. I'm excited for them in their new adventure. They've been through so much in their short lives. Especially Daisy - losing her babies was very hard on her (and me). Thankfully, they are on their way to living their best lives. Together, of course. Sorry for rambling and repeating myself - it's been a very long and emotional day. Anya and Macie were adopted together today!

(Original Post)

Just added this hammock to Daisy and Sage's condo. It's a hit! Click on the pics to read what's going on.

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