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More vet visits...

Eevee and Tammy are returning to the vet tomorrow, and Gordito will be joining them. The girls were recently treated for UTI. Tammy came to us with it; Eevee developed it and we believe Gordito's is the result of the extreme stress he endured while being returned to us from Texas. We've already spent over $800 on the girls' UTIs and shudder at the thought of what tomorrow's visit will bring. That bag of food was on sale for $109, and their special can food is $65 for a flat of 24. With three of them on it, they go thru it quickly. Between the vet bills, food and meds, we cannot keep up. If you donate thru Zelle or Venmo or PayPal, it comes immediately to us. (All three accessible at Using the donate button on FB takes close to a month. We are eternally grateful for every single dollar.

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