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Innocent Kitty With Mysterious Gash Nearly Killed & Must Be Quarantined For 4 Months

Johnny Blaze, suffering from a deep, gaping wound of unknown origin, is currently being quarantined for four months at the local Emergency Hospital. Having narrowly rescued him from being euthanized by a local shelter, this sweet kitty is being offered a second chance at life, but we need your help to save him. 

The moment we received the plea about Johnny Blaze, we knew that we needed to save him. He was trapped within the confining walls of the county shelter, facing an uncertain future and suffering from a bloody, painful wound. Because the cause of his gash was unknown, he would need to be quarantined for four months under closely supervised vet care—or face a tragic end. However, finding a safe and secure place for him to reside for that length of time was gravely challenging. 

We were quickly running out of time; the sweet kitty was scheduled for euthanasia, as he had nowhere to go. We sprang to action, determined not to let Johnny Blaze's shining spirit be diminished so soon. 

While he mewed in pain, the county shelter sent him to Pasco Animal Emergency Hospital. They lifted his fragile body from the dark cage and carried him toward his new life. Now secure within their trusted and capable hands, Johnny Blaze is finding solace in their care. Still, he will need to be quarantined with them for four months, costing us $5 a day. Until he is free, Pasco Animal Emergency Hospital will serve as his temporary sanctuary, with vets caring for his wound and nursing him back to health as we foot the bill for this beloved soul. 

Saving this sweet kitty and transporting him to safety was only the tip of the iceberg. Due to the severity of his wound, Johnny Blaze has a long road to recovery. His medical treatment is slashing at our steadily dwindling resources with each passing day, but saving his innocent life makes it all worth it. We are so grateful for the chance to provide this sweet boy a second chance at life. When he's completely rehabilitated he will be available for adoption from The Little Cats Rescue. 

Please help Johnny Blaze rekindle his strength, stride towards recovery throughout his quarantine, and eventually find a loving forever home. Your generous contribution plays a key role in the life of this sweet kitty. Extend your support today by making a monetary donation and helping us tackle his relentless medical expenses. Thank you so much. Please click the link to donate:

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